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Ranked Ready

Enough Blue Essence to buy 30-40 champions and levelled up to begin playing ranked matches at once also ranked games never played before. A purely ideal League of Legends Smurf !

Instant Delivery

We have automatic accounts delivery 24 hours a day around the week, The minute your payment is done . All you have to do is to show your email contact after the payment ,which means that you are able to have access to the account instantly your purchase.

Full Access

Once your payement is done you will immediately receive full access to your lol Smurf Account, which means that you can link your email and alter the password whenever you wish. You are the first and sole owner of the account!

What makes you purchase from Buy Lol Smurf

At BuyLolSmurf, what basically concerns us is our customers contentment . Thereby we have to do whatever it takes to ensure that our accounts are sufficiently of high quality and are within customers reach . A fact that most other account selling website are unable to achieve . You don’t need a fortune to buy from us and our lifetime warranty enables you to feel secure about your lol smurf account.


Buying a LoL account from us guarantees that you will get the highest quality League of Legends Smurfs on the market also the cheapest. This is why we are glad to offer a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY for all LoL Smurfs purchased from us. If your LoL Smurf is banned or disabled, we will issue a replacement LoL Smurf account of equal value, absolutely for free.



       There’s a alot of reasons to do that! generally, it let you to practice ranked games without having to use on your main league account ,moreover it can be very annoying and doing that will only slant you and ruin your day. That’s why started a simple store easy to use seeling Lol smurf accounts for you to avoid this situation, you won’t have to tryhard daily on your main account anymore. With our LoL Smurfs you can choose when you want to tryhard, when you want to practice and when you want to chill in lower divison.also we are seeling the cheapest accounts in the market,have fun …..


What does your gurantuee cover?!

It’s very simple 🙂 if your lol account gets banned through any fault of our own we will provide you instantly with a new League of legends account.

Will my lol account be delivered to my E-mail?

After the payement, you will receive instantly the account details( Lol Username:Lol Password) via your email address used in the purchase.

How do i buy lol smurf account from you?

It’s quite simple , choose the package you want then checkout using your prefered method of payement.

Are these accounts leveled by human?

First of all there is no hand-leveled accounts with Blue Essence (cause it takes months to be level 30). These accounts are leveled by our private Bot (it’s like human) also we cover unlimited replacements (Lifetime warranty) if your accounts get banned because of this reason only ! even the ban rate is very low !

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