Gaming world: quick facts special edition


Hello Legends! In this article we will be giving you some quick facts, that we bet you didn’t know!
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So Legends, ready for some gaming, LOL smurfs and league of legends facts?

Fact 1: Did you know that in France for instance, sponsors are more cautious than elsewhere. To be successful in the gaming sector, you have to train hard and spend long hours at your computer or on your game console.

Fact 2: No more trips! did you know that if you want to become a pro gamer, It should not be forgotten either that you will be required to travel often, on the occasion of various tournaments and will therefore have to think about benefiting from material aid via the integration into certified structures or via your sponsors.

Fact 3: Did you know that are some academies that provides professional training for gamers? Yes! Have you heard of G. Academy training to become Pro Gamer?
The G. Academy offers a high-level sports athlete certification in two years. In a way, it is a training center dedicated to esports.
This school has established major partnerships with French Esports teams. The staff and the infrastructure provided seem to be of a very high standard as can be seen on their video. There are only two games on offer: League of Legends and Fortnite. But you need to know that the selection is very high, the number of places is limited (15 places are noted on their site) and the training is chargeable.

Fact 4:
League of Legends is a MOBA type game, which stands for Multi Online Battle Arena. The principle is simple: it is a confrontation between two teams of 5 players. The objective is to destroy the main building (the Nexus) of the opposing team, while protecting their own.
All players choose a different champion. Each champion has his own skills:
4 skills: 3 normal skills (A, Z, E) and 1 ultimate skill (R)
1 passive

Last fact:
To become a pro gamer, you need to know how to play, but also you need to have some deep knowledge of the game. If you are new to LOL, here’s a small teaser:
For three lanes, five stations
LOL has a map, this map contains: 3 lanes, 5 stations:
The toplaner: as its name suggests, it occupies the top lane. “Toplaner is more isolated, more lonely,” explains Hadrien “Duke” Forestier, coach of Splyce. You have to be able to face the storm of one against one, one against two or even one against three. And also be able to sacrifice yourself. ” He is the farthest from the action at the start of the game, a role generally occupied by very resistant champions (the characters chosen by the players at the start of the game).

The midlaner: this time, it is the mid lane, the shortest to reach the opposing base and therefore the most important. “The midlaner often has a more dominant personality, it is the main role and the very big players are often midlaners, underlines Hadrien Forestier. It’s kind of number ten. The most talented players, even if they have other roles, arrive in the midlane. ”

ADC: This barbaric acronym stands for “Attack Damage Carry”, often abbreviated as “AD Carry”. The name does not refer to his bottom lane (bot lane), but to the fact that he is often the champion who inflicts the most damage at the end of the game. “I think that AD Carry is perhaps more selfish, it should play more for itself” says Hadrien Forestier. If it is fearsome to inflict damage, it is also fragile. He is in fact always accompanied on the botlane by another player, the support.

The support: antithesis and companion of the ADC, the support is generally not very dangerous but very resistant. They can protect the other champions of their team and hinder opponents, in particular by immobilizing them. “You have to be at the service of the team, understand what your role is and what will allow you to win your team,” explains Hadrien Forestier. Where you should be, and when on the map. You have to be able to be without any ego while having a very big game reading, which is very rare. ”

The jungler: He’s the free electron of League of Legends. The jungler takes its name from the jungle, the area between the different routes. Inside, different monsters that the jungler eliminates to gain experience. He then attacks the different routes by surprise, with the aim of creating a surplus to eliminate an opposing champion. “Jungler, you have to be very alert to the information we have on the lookout, underlines Hadrien Forestier. And succeed in really projecting yourself into the future, in your next choices.

Thank Legends for reading this article.
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