How to Progress on LoL(1)

Hello champs; today we are back with the complete guide on League of Legends! Yes, in 3 Volumes.
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It has already been 9 years since League of Legends was born. Each year, MOBA crowns an ultimate champion at the Worlds, Fnatic leading the way in 2011 against the French team aAa. The game evolves and that what makes it greatest strength: being able to improve over time without losing authenticity. (buy lol smurf accounts to live the experience to the fullest).

Professional players are the tip of the iceberg. The big teams, the storytelling built around young players, the world famous investors, partners and the packed stadiums prove to the whole world what brings us together: the passion for a game like League of Legends.
However, this little universe is only a drop of water compared to the submerged part of the iceberg: the millions of players fighting on the Summoner’s fault in the hope of progressing on LoL. This article is for YOU.
Did you know that at the start, only 17 champions were available? With the announcement of the release of Sylas on January 9, 2019, they have reached the staggering number of 143 champions! The map, monsters, minions, turrets, runes, masteries have also evolved. It therefore seemed appropriate to start from scratch to offer you the ultimate guide to make good progress on League of Legends.
This article, and all those related to it, will help you improve on League of Legends and learn how to play like a pro! ( you can also discover the smurf accounts here )
The Challenger jacket rewards the best League of Legends players every year. (Credit: Riot Games)
Why want to progress on League of Legends?
We all have this very special memory of the League of Legends tutorial. Garen in your hands (which is already a sacrilege), you are off to follow assiduously the orders of the voice over and slash the henchman masse.
“This game is really cool and quite easy!”
That’s what most people say, before setting foot in normal for the first time. And there, for beginners, the errors are linked: tapping the turrets solo, taking the aggro of 17 minions, choosing only objects offering mana because, all the same, the liabilities of Blitzcrank seem super strong!
The errors of any beginner making his weapons on a MOBA. But since then, you have progressed. You have forged a steel mind, you chain the triplets and the fault has no secrets for you. And yet you are stagnating …
No matter your level, whether you are bronze, silver or platinum, you have reached a glass ceiling. Obviously, hell is other people! But the wisest among you will have understood: you have to question yourself and question your own playing experience to progress on LoL.
many are working hard on this because it is very rewarding to see that you are improving, to show that you are better than your opponent. Some people may be hoping to become a professional sports player even. Some have experience the game to the fullest by buying lol smurf accounts, and get wild.
The stakes are different according to the people and the characters, and this article will help you all to reach your goals!
But for that, we will have to go beyond the adage of “play to play”. It is through hard work and daily challenge that you will succeed in making yourself a better player (and not toxic, please!).
But enough blah and let’s get to the heart of the matter!
Distinguish between in-game and out-of-game experience
Theory and practice are the two watchwords of the accomplished player who wants to progress on League of Legends. You will not be able to become a professional or achieve your goals without working on these two areas. League of Legends is a game called “Easy to play, hard to master” and many of us have learned it the hard way.
It’s very easy to understand the objective of the game, however, becoming one of the best requires many hours of training and reflection.
For this reason, it is necessary to distinguish what we can work outside of the game, and in the game. And this, in order to work optimally to progress well in League of Legends.
The most to improve on LoL
Following the patches is a necessary asset for any player wishing to improve. By keeping up to date on the different buffs, nerves and adjustments of champions, items and runes, you will be able to start each new patch with additional information that will sometimes make a difference against less informed opponents.
Finally, if you want to progress well on LoL, we invite you to watch the replays of professional players, especially when they play your role and / or your champions. This will also allow you to take breaks between the parties in order to recover and rest (especially in the event of a chain of defeats!).