How to Progress on LoL: The Complete Guide (2)

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Let’s start from the beginning. You are a new player and you want to get full on League of Legends, because you like the game and you want to reach the rank of Challenger at all costs. Or let’s just say you want to improve on League of Legends, no matter what your goal is. (if you are considering this option , than don’t think twice and buy lol smurf accounts, for a wild experience)

Choose your role and build your pool of champions
To progress on LoL, you will have to find yourself a main role and a secondary role. For that, no magic formula, you have to try them all and do according to your preferences and your style of play ( for this option buy lol accounts). Do you love being (almost) invincible and preventing your enemies from moving? Then the role of tank seems to be cut for you! Unless you prefer to kill your opponents instantly? Welcome to the caste of assassins!
Once this is done, you will have to constitute what is called your “pool” of champions. Namely a dozen champions that you enjoy playing (this is very important! Thousands of hours of play await you, it would be a shame to play champions that you don’t like just because they are “strong”).
Train with them, get to know them at your fingertips (know their strengths, weaknesses, power picks, match ups, and CDs of their skills …)
Lee Sin is a very popular jungler in the community (although it can be played toplane).
Train to farm like a pro
Money is the nerve of war. Without money, no objects. And without objects, no power, no kills, no victories. We caricature, but that’s how you have to understand the objective of the game.
You earn money by killing minions, monsters, wards and champions. Minions only make money in the event of a “last hit”, which is when you inflict the fatal blow. Hence the importance of knowing last hit. And again, no secrets, it takes training and even more training, because each champion has their own self-attack animation. Take part in a personalized game, and chain the waves of minions each time trying to hit the last hit using your auto-attacks or skills.
A diligent practice will bring to perfection!
Know how to build your runes pages
Runes give your champions additional attributes. Attack speed for ADCs, tankyness and survivability for tanks … So many things that will allow you to be more efficient in part. Getting the wrong pages of runes, even if it doesn’t mean losing a game, can be a problem when you come across an opponent playing as well as you.
It is therefore important to know the runes and their effects, and on which champions such a rune page is relevant. For this, many tools are at your disposal such as the site, which lists the stuff and the runes chosen by professional players.
Learn to draft on League of Legends
Now you are prepared. You know your favorite champions by heart, you have learned to farm, you know which runes to use on which champions and against which opponents.
You start your ranked game and … and what to do now? The draft is organized in two stages: the time of bans (that where it is necessary to banish the strongest champions and / or who can too well match with the champions already chosen by the enemy team) and the time of the picks (the one where you have to choose your champion, either blind or according to the enemy team).
This implies knowing your match-ups, that is to say knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your champion against another champion, or of your team composition against the opposing composition. It takes experience, often learned the hard way during the lane phase. That famous moment when you shout “but what I can’t do anything, and what are these degaaaaaaats? !!” which often ends in the blood. Yours.

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