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So as mentioned in the previous article becoming a pro gamer is everybody’s dream. Now that you know the skills you need for that let’s see what’s next.
Making a name is obviously essential for the future of any pro gamer.
Participating in events will have beneficial effects on your future ascent! You can train with more experienced players and gain experience very quickly while expanding your list of acquaintances and contacts in the world of E-sports.

Once certain tournaments have been won, you can start developing your own image on social media. You are no longer a total or unknown in the world of E-sports and therefore it is in your interest to create your streaming Youtube channel, your Twitter account, etc.
You can hope to develop a fan base that will give you some credibility. Communicating about your game is essential. Broadcast your training sessions regularly to keep your fans coming back.
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To attract more people to your videos, do not hesitate to share them with humor your highlights during tournaments, drag anecdotes. In fact, generate sympathy to attract as many people as possible to your video sharing!
Remember, however, that a career as a gamer is short because your game is bound to disappear, sooner or later. So think about your retraining so as not to find yourself very quickly on the floor.

Different sources of income:

A pro-gamer benefits from very diverse and often, unfortunately, fluctuating sources of income.
To be considered a pro player, you must first obtain a fixed salary which is governed by law. This salary comes either from his sponsor or from his team.

A pro-gamer practicing e-sport therefore benefits from support via its structure; material assistance is provided to him (equipment, clothing, etc.), but he also receives administrative assistance during trips to carry out tournaments, etc.

Finding a sponsor can be very important in improving your salary. In France, the sponsors still bet little on the esport players because it persists a misunderstanding of this medium.
To apply for sponsorship, you must have a solid fan community and have high visibility in the online gaming environment. You must keep up to date and refine your Youtube channel, Twitter and your specialized blogs. Communicating and sharing your links as much as possible is therefore essential to attract potential sponsors.

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Second source of income: streaming. It’s very simple: the player is paid sums depending on the number of views of an ad that appears before his video. Two organizations are competing in this area; TwitchTV and Dailymotion.
This revenue base requires having a very large and large community of fans and finally generating a maximum of views and therefore revenue. This salary is therefore obviously not fixed because it depends on its audience.

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Third possible source of income: the sums paid to the winners during organized tournaments. Once again, these revenues are variable, especially with the resurgence of competition and the small difference in levels between the players.
As you can see, unless you are very gifted in this area and benefit from a large community of followers, making E-sports your job remains risky because precarious situations are common in this sector. The incomes are very variable and only very rarely allow you to live fully from your passion.

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