Tactical Combat: Strategies for getting started

Hello Legends! Today we are back to tell about the strategies and the tactics that will help you to be a pro gamer.
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Do you want to start playing Tactical Combat but don’t know which strategy to start with? We are here to help you. With fifty champions, and twenty classes and origins, it’s easy to get lost and not know where to start. Here are some tips that should work in most cases.
Start with a frontline
Whichever strategy you choose; it is almost always a good idea to start by having a few champions who will play the role of tank in order to let others do their damage without dying too quickly. In this perspective, several choices are interesting. If you buy league accounts, then you won’t have to go through these situations!
First of all, the Knights are very common at the start of the game, since Garen, Darius and Mordekaiser each cost only one gold coin. As long as you have 2 of them, they will block 20 points of damage per self-attack suffered, which will make them very tanky during the first levels. It is then possible to complete them with other knights, such as Sejuani or Kayle, or to go in another direction keeping only two.
Similar to tanks, Brawlers offer interesting bonuses at the start of the game. Since Warwick, Rek’Sai and Blitzcrank cost only 1, 2 and 2 gold coins respectively, it will be quite easy to acquire two of the same class, and thus to collect the bonus of +300 PV which will allow them to tank for a long time to protect your other champions. However, it is not recommended to collect more Brawlers.
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The champions of Noble origin can be interesting. Fiora, Garen and Vayne cost only 1 Gold, while Lucian costs only 2. If you manage to get 3, a random ally will receive +100 Armor and heal for 35 HP per attack. Since Garen and Kayle are both also knights, it is possible to combine the two afterwards for an interesting double synergy.

Later in the game, when you seek to achieve very strong synergies, it will be possible to get rid of the relatively weak units from the beginning in order to select new ones as a tank, such as Sejuani which is extremely strong thanks to its ultimate stun in AoE.

Mid / late game strategies
In the middle and end of the game, you will want to build a team that works around one or two main origins / classes. Here are some examples that generally work well.
Composing 6 Assassins can be extremely effective if your opponent is unprepared. If there are 7 available, having 6 on your team allows them to inflict 350% bonus damage on critical hits (knowing that all champions have 25% critical chance). However, it will also be interesting to have a few tanks with this strategy, since the assassins are generally fragile and vulnerable to area damage. the Guardian duo (Leona and Braum) can for example work wonderfully.

TFT Teamfight Tactics advice team champions
Each figure corresponds to the price of the unit.
A composition that synergizes very well is also the Elementa list / Sorcerer combo. Focused on significant magic damage, these two classes complement each other perfectly and make it possible to inflict a lot of damage on zones and controls. Since the Elementa lists summon an Elemental who can tank for them if you have 3, and the Sorcerers increase your magic damage, this composition is fairly balanced. It is a good idea to insert one or two tanks there anyway.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to get the 6 Nobles if you manage to get your hands on Kayle. When you have them all, the bonus of 100 Armor and 35 VP gained by attack will make your whole team very tanky. In this configuration, it will then be wise to put your objects in priority on Vayne, which will be the centerpiece thanks to its significant damage while the others will protect it. It is also a good idea to go get an additional Ranger to synergize with it, and give it a 25% chance to double its Attack Speed

Obviously, these strategies are not to be followed literally. It is very important to experiment on Tactical Combat, but above all to know how to adapt. It is often impossible to get all the pieces of the strategy you want to lead, and you should not be afraid to change direction depending on the units available.
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